10 Things You Don’t Know About Me, Yet (Maybe?)

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7 min readMay 28, 2022


This pic of “my little” could have been of me growing up: always on the water in the Pacific Northwest. (Photo by Author)

Grab a coffee or tea, let’s sit back and chat.

As Natasha Nichole Lake shares, “I smile to myself when I rummage through my memories.” This statement is a sweet testament to some of the memories she shares in her response to this prompt. Share in her adventure here:

I am a bit late to “the trend”, but better later than never — right? That’s something about me. I am often late to the hypothetical party.

Trends are not my thing — at all.

I go at my own pace and based on my values and priority of ensuring my children always have a safe space to come back to.

I am not really fond of “actual” parties and would prefer a hike in the woods to a social event any day.

If I need to attend something, even a party, and force myself outside of my comfort zone, I won’t be late.

I hate being late to a function or an appointment. It’s anxiety-inducing.

Over recent weeks have been returning to this entry — struggling to come up with ten things I thought others might find interesting.

This entry has been weeks in the making. Will it be worth it?

The “funny” thing is when I stop thinking and start writing, the content flows.

You might now know that:

#1: I beat to my own drum.

#2: I’m an introvert and enjoy solitude.

#3: I’m punctual (and patient). I really don’t mind waiting. Waiting is always preferable to me over the stress of running late.

This over-analysis is a part of the perception of the world I carry with me: what others might think. It’s one I am letting go of because I really don’t give a f*ck. Not because I am heartless; it is quite the opposite. I am exhausted from caring too much and for much too long.




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