About Me: Photo Story

Behind the writer in twelve photos



Inspired by Quy Ma and his About Me publication, Mary Chang Story Writer and her Six World Story Photo publication and Tom Fenske’s (relatively) recent Day 10 Writing Challenge in The Shortform publication, I am opening a photo album to let you into my world as a fun way to kick off 2022 — and to kick off my second year on Medium.

This is my happy place. Between camping, friends, the Pacific Ocean — I find both adventure, peace and tranquility, and great company all-in-one.

My happy place (Photo by Author)

This is me and my youngest child, and our first time stepping foot in the Atlantic Ocean. Driving across the Canada with a 2-year old and 5-year old says something about my sense of adventure and desire for new experiences.

Stepping into the Atlantic (Photo by Author)

I love to travel with my family (outside of a global pandemic). We are a single-income family and get creative with our budget to retain these opportunities. These photos capture some of our travel experiences.

European Travels with my kids (Photos by Author)
From Iceland to Hawaii (Photo by Author)

I am from beautiful British Columbia, Canada — born and raised, and love small-town living. While I have never lived in Revelstoke or Ucluelet (pictured below), they are two of my favourite small-towns in British Columbia.

Mount Revelstoke National Park and Ucluelet, British Columbia (Photos by Author)

Orcas are one of my favourite animals — and, yes, you can see them (on occasion) in BC while riding a ferry, as is the case in the photos below. They are truly majestic creatures and their presence is often an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.

Photos by Author

In 2022, I am working towards more balance in my life and time with my family, including taking up running with my kids. Read about it here:

After all, they hold our hands for a short while — and our hearts forever.

One of my children holding Grandpa’s hand (Photo by Author)




Inspired by family; passionate about community. Doing what I can to make someone else's day a little brighter.