Three Strategies to Help You Face Adversity and Build Your Resilience

Sharing how these tactics made a huge difference in my life, so you can benefit too

6 min readNov 16, 2021


Resilience refers to how one returns from adversity.

We all face difficulties in life which may include trauma and other stresses. How do we bounce back from these challenges?

Our actions define our resilience.

Whether it was when my intestine ruptured, I broke my neck, or was faced with the very real possibility of losing my son — twice, these difficult circumstances have taken me on a journey. By sharing what supported me through these situations, I hope will benefit others.

Sharing our experiences, lets us learn from each other and reminds us, we are not alone.

Regardless of advancements in technology, life does not come with a navigation system.

Everyone, every day, experiences twists and turns and sometimes even more challenging circumstances such as the death of a loved one or serious illness. These experiences ignite strong emotions because we are human — and because we care.

I believe each of us can hold compassion for others. It’s innate in our being, however, we lose touch with ourselves and sight of this because of the whirlwind of life happening around us that we are no longer a part of.

In talking about digital detoxes and technology serving as one such source of wind around us, Charles Amemiya shares:

When we’re in this constant state of distraction, we’re not mindful and conscious of our deeper feelings, thoughts and impulses. Many people love the electronic distractions because they don’t want to face their unresolved pain and problem.

What does presence look like to you? What does it feel like?

Take a deep breath.

Before continuing — pause. Breathe.

Consider Charles’ word, and these three strategies to develop resilience and a…




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