Week Three Report: Lessons Learned From A Month of Zero Spending

Theme of the week: It’s surprisingly easy not to spend money



Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

My family is setting out on a month of “zero” spending.

Batching up cooking has proved to be a saving grace. Convenience meals continue to emerge as a focal point for our spending, even though we don’t eat out.

I still cannot get over how much food we have on hand.

Are you someone who grocery shops regularly or waits until the cupboards are bare?

My family has learned that we grocery shop more than is necessary. Even though we always have a list — it’s excessive.

I’ve learned through this challenge that we waste way more food than I thought we did. I didn’t expect that to be a takeaway!

Admittedly, I’m feeling guilty. It’s time for a change and re-calibration — the intent of this month’s challenge (along with saving a few dollars).

I’m surprised to see how little we spend outside of groceries. Really, not a ton has changed.

If my family only spends money on food, outside of household expenses such as mortgage, utilities and vehicles, you might be curious what we do for entertainment.

We received free tickets for a hockey game. It’s a perk of my children’s paper route (yes, we live in a small town where paper routes are still “a thing”). Then, at the game my kids won free treats. Serendipitous for this month’s challenge!

This weekend, friends are coming over for karaoke — another free entertainment activity. Sure, there was an initial investment in this item previously, it’s just not an ongoing expense.

And, there’s always hiking. There’s so many trails to explore. In fact, I need to make a list!

Then, there are board games. Lots and lots of board games, accumulated over the years as birthday and Christmas gifts — and providing a wealth of entertainment for all ages and wonderful family time.

Entertainment doesn’t need to cost a ton. Our family’s experiences are evidence of that.

Maybe our lifestyle is simple. There’s nothing wrong with simple.




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