When Disaster Strikes

Heavy rainfall floods the province of British Columbia (Canada)

2 min readNov 16, 2021


Photo by Matthew on Unsplash

I JUST wrote about resilience. The scheduled article was distributed yesterday. Meanwhile, our region was flooding, people were stranded overnight on highways between mudslides, two towns (in their entirety) under evacuation order, and other towns (mine included) lost all power.

This morning, I am sitting by a warm fireplace with a cozy blanket, a hot cup of coffee in hand and technology at my fingertips. The calm after the storm — for our small town anyway.

I am still feeling unsettled after a restless night. Apart from a town-wide power outage, temporary isolation, and lower levels of homes flooding — all in our area appear to be doing okay.

When disaster strikes, communities rally. I am grateful for the human connection that facilities such spirit.

We’ll need this rallying as we tend to the aftermath.

With nearly an entire province (British Columbia) under water, it will take weeks and in some cases months, likely more, to recover.

I don’t know what the coming days will hold — a lot of learning and a lot of leaning on one another.

Oddly committed to following through with a habit of daily writing, the logistics of my current world might have me swap out a keyboard for pen and paper.

My reliance on technology is sad and something worth re-evaluating. As much as I regularly go off of the grid, there is something about how truly powerless one becomes when mother nature takes over…

And, the week has just begun.

How is your day going?




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